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Trend Sights Analysis 2021: Blurring Gender Boundaries


The analysis covers what the trend is, why it is important, who is most influenced by it, and how brands and manufacturers can capitalize on it. The research concludes by identifying where the trend is heading next and how long it will last.As the issue of gender equality becomes more mainstream, consumers are increasingly defying traditional gender stereotypes, resulting in growing fluidity between typical gender behaviors and definitions. To align with these consumer values and ideas, many brands have opened their communication and marketing strategies up to target both men and women rather than using for him and for her positioning for traditionally gender-targeted products that are not gender-specific.


  • Challenging gender stereotypes has had a great impact on the consumer landscape and many brands are adopting a gender-neutral approach in the way they conceive and promote products.
  • However, it is expected that products tailored in a gendered way will continue to play an important role on retailers' shelves, especially the ones that offer functional properties.
  • The concepts of gender-targeted products and blurred gender boundaries will continue to coexist as they serve different segments of consumers who do or do not desire to consume products addressing their gender perceptions.

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