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Paolo Cugini

San Lorenzo-Re Editions, Italy

Title: Church and Homosexual People New ways

Cameron Carley

Western University, Canada

Title: Is it Just Me? Queer Palatability During Interactions With Heterosexual, Cisgender Men

Nupur Ray

Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi, India

Title: From ‘surviving’ to human flourishing: Reclaiming Citizenship for women in Sex-work

Jenni Gates

ZatchUp: The Health Education App, United Kingdom

Title: Taking all inclusive health education to 400million children in India.

Dr. Priyanca Mathur

Jain University, Bengaluru, India

Title: Gendered Spaces and Contestations: Women in Power in State Legislative Assemblies in India

Purushottama Bilimoria

San Francisco State University US and Jindal Global University Law School, United States

Title: Question of Gender in Indian Practical Ethics and lebenswelt.

Roshni Sharma

St. Joseph’s University, India

Title: Remaining at the Margin: Voices of Pakistani Dalit Hindu refugee women in India

Jayshree Singh

Bhupal Nobles’ University, India

Title: Dichotomy or Dualism of the Generic Structure in Gendering Power and Action: A Study in the Great Indian Epic Mahabharata’s Female Characters

Sharon Jacob

Texas Christian University, United States

Title: Beyond Victimhood: Unveiling Intersections of Intermarriage, Silence, and Supremacy in Genesis 34 and Contemporary Contexts

Frederick W. Gooding

Texas Christian University, United States

Title: Double-Crossed: Black and Female Intersectionality in Hollywood

Nicole M. Guidotti-Hernández

Northeastern University, United States

Title: Jane Doe Post Roe

Lee Mariño Clyne

Mills College, United States

Title: Endometriosis: Gendered Pain

Carolina Matos

University of London City, United Kingdom

Title: Community engagement with social media health messages in an age of misinformation: a case study of the NGO Open Arms in Florida

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