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Maria Lohan

Queen's University Belfast, UK

Title: Engaging boys and addressing masculinities in comprehensive sex education reaps benefits for both adolescent boys and girls: Results from the Jack Trial

Emma Rainey

Co-Founder, Gorgo Consulting & Board Member, 50:50 NI, Belgium

Title: Women, Peace, and Politics: Lessons to be Learned from the 2022 Northern Ireland Assembly Election

Nooraini Youp

Open University Malaysia, Malaysia

Title: Women Rising the Unseen Barriers

Marty Klein

SexEd Associates, USA

Title: His porn, her pain: When women don’t want men to watch porn

Jenni Gates

Counselling Therapist, Researcher & Author, UK

Title: Lessons in Love & Understanding: Gender, Sexual & Relationship Diversity in the Classroom. The importance of LGBTQI+ representation in public and educational settings.

Jessica Lynn

Speaker & Advocate Kinsey Institute Global Ambassador, USA

Title: Turn the Page

Denise A Miller

University of Greenwich, UK

Title: Black British female managers—The silent catastrophe

Shirin Abbas

Invertis University, India

Title: Unequal Representation of Gender in Indian Media

Kathleen Cherrington

York University, Canada

Title: Counterhegemonic Feminist Art in Sex Workers’ Activism

Mirela Violeta David

University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Title: The Representation of the Socialist Abortion Ban as Women’s Reproductive Burden in Postsocialist Romanian Cinema

Meenakshi Saharan

Indian Institute of Technology, India

Title: Silenced wails of young Incest Survivors: Life Story Perspective of Girl Children in Children’s Home

Sheena Swemmer

University of the Witwatersrand

Title: HIM OR ME

Cecilia Herles

University of Georiga

Title: Feminist Frameworks for Engaging in the Pursuit of Food Justice

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