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Carmen M. Cusack

Nova Southeastern University, USA

Title: Constructs and Narratives: Head Injury vs. Animal Spirits

Tracy Bear

McMaster University, Canada

Title: Indigenous Erotics: The Pursuit of Reimagining Indigenous Bodies, Sexuality & Gender

Qiang Luo

Fudan Univeristy, China

Title: A New Concept of Brain Androgyny and its Implications in Depression

Lisa Davis

CUNY School of Law, USA

Title: Dusting Off the Law Books: Reimagining Justice for Gender Persecution in Conflicts and Atrocities

Isabel Maria Gomez Trigueros

University of Alicante, Spain

Title: Digital Teaching Competences and Teacher Training in the Face of the Digital Gender Gap in Social Sciences

Chingyen Mayer

Siena College, USA

Title: TBA

Rosila Bee Mohd Hussain

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Title: Women Digital Being: Embracing Changes or Defying Cultural Forces

Vijay Pal Singh

Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, India

Title: Atrocities Against Women in India – Law and Public Opinion

Mieko Yoshihama

University of Michigan, USA

Title: (Re)visioning Gender (In)equity through PhotoVoice following a Major Disaster

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