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Bristol academic's research on gender issues recognised

Jan19, 2023

A Bristol academic's research into gender issues has been recognised with a prestigious award.

Dr Victoria Clarke also won the British Psychological Society's 2022 Presidents' Award for her work on qualitative research.

Dr Clarke, an associate professor at the University of the West of England, has previously researched lesbian and gay parenting.

She said she was "delighted to receive this recognition of my work".

Dr Clarke is a qualitative psychologist - meaning much of her work gathered and analysed non-numerical data in order to gain an understanding of concepts, opinions, or experiences.

She said it was "particularly gratifying" to receive recognition from the society, as a "core part of my work has been promoting and developing qualitative research methods".

'Outstanding contribution'

For the last two decades she has worked on gender issues with Professor Virginia Braun from The University of Auckland.

"Our mission is to demystify qualitative research, to make it accessible, and to support students and researchers in doing high quality qualitative research, and this award is a real validation for the work we have put in," she added.

The award recognised the achievement of an individual engaged in psychological research of the highest possible standard.

Dr Clarke's early career work focused on the rapidly growing field of LGBTQ+ psychology.

Her thesis research on the social construction of lesbian and gay parenting coincided with the founding of the Lesbian and Gay Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society - now named the Psychology of Sexualities Section.

Her latest research focused on physical disability in relation to body, sexuality, relationships and clothing, prompted by her own experience of multiple sclerosis.

British Psychological Society President Nicky Hayes said Dr Clarke has "consistently carried out research of outstanding quality in the context of gender issues".

He added: "I consider that she has made an outstanding contribution to psychology and for this reason I regard her as a most worthy recipient of this award."


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