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Carmen M. Cusack

Nova Southeastern University USA


Carmen M. Cusack, J.D., Ph.D. is an advocate for saving the white tiger. Her specialization involves researching how Americans may bring white tigers from India to the United States to live in comfortable exhibits. Her work significantly overlaps with animal advocacy. For example, she served as a legal clerk at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. One of the courses that she teaches at Nova Southeastern University in the Department of Justice and Human Services, called Animals in the Criminal Justice System, examines how an animal law treatise, Animals and Criminal Justice (Transaction Publishers, 2014), may affect systemic application of animal welfare policies to benefit white tigers.

Professor Cusack’s research extends to the U.S. Coast Guard. Her colleague, Commander Matthew E. Waranius, M.S., manages projects developed by zoos, including Audubon Nature Institute and San Diego Zoo. He contributes management expertise to Journal of Law and Social Deviance (LSD Journal), which publishes groundbreaking research in the area of legal studies. “Save the White Tiger” and “Saving Captive White Tigers” relay how white tigers may be saved through exhibition, education, and species-specific policy enforcement. Dr. Cusack is the Editor of LSD Journal. She serves as an editorial board member in the area of Political Communication for Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Her books with Cambridge Scholars Publishing include Animals, Deviance, and Sex (2015) and Twins and Deviance (2016), which discusses examples of animals and global issues affecting Asians (e.g., China’s two-child policy). Her most recent publication is Fish in the Bible (Vernon Press, 2017).

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