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Elizabeth Pulane Motswapong

University of Botswana, Botswana


Dr Elizabeth Pulane Motswapong is a Senior Lecturer in Indo  Religions specialising in Hindu Studies, in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Botswana. She introduces  students to Indian Religions with a concentration in Hindu Studies. Dr. Motswapong joined the University of Botswana, Department of Theology and Religious Studies as an SDF (Staff Development Fellow) in 1998.

After teaching for a year Motswapong went to pursue her Masters of Arts in Oriental and African Religions at University of London during the  academic year 1999- 2000. Her dissertation was a comparative study between Tswana  Bogwera and Hindu Upanayana Initiation rites for boys as instrumental in understanding these religions despite their diversity. Her supervisor was Dr. Julia Leslie ( MHSRIP). During the years  2004 -2007,  Motswapong pursued her Ph.D and wrote a dissertation in Hinduism and Gender under the supervision of Guruji, Prof. Burkhard Scherer. Motswapong work includes supervision of both undergraduate and postgraduate students in various aspects of religions. Lastly, she examines dissertations for both undergraduate and post graduate (Masters and Ph.D) from universities across the globe.

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