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Jenni Gates

Counselling Therapist, Researcher & Author, UK


Jenni Gates graduated from University of Glasgow in 2002 with an MA in English Literature and Psychology.  She worked in health and social care with young people and families in a variety of settings, including managing a multi award winning youth project in Scotland, and providing charity consultancy in Asia and Africa.  In 2012 Jenni qualified with an Advanced Diploma in Integrative Counselling from The Iron Mill, Exeter and worked full time as a specialist counsellor for The West of England Gender Identity Clinic (NHS) where she not only gained training from world leading experts in gender and sexuality studies, but also was part of a research team, publishing a paper in the International Journal of Transgenderism in 2018: ‘An exploration of the lived experiences of non-binary individuals who have presented at a gender identity clinic in the United Kingdom’.   Jenni currently works as an integrative counsellor in private practice as well as under Pink Therapy.  Jenni is a member of SEA (Sex Education Alliance) and has been delivering relationship and sex education across schools and education centres in the UK since 2003.  In 2020 Jenni’s first book was published under SAGE eduction titled: Lessons in Love & Understanding: Relationships, Sexuality & Gender in the classroom.  

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